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About Us

We believe that we offer a real solution to the problems users face online.

The World Wide Web was originally invented for sharing data between scientists in universities around the world. In a few years, the Web became really popular due to creation of a user-friendly browser called “Mosaic”. It was the first browser which allowed users to see texts and pictures on the same page and ran on several popular office and home computers. This has entailed a deliberate development of all kinds of websites: e-commerce, social networking and so on.

Since then, Internet has changed in many ways. We now have access to a lot of amazing services like remote employment and education, streaming, digital libraries and many others. But we are also facing completely different problems, such as tracking, monitoring, data mining, hacking, identity thefts, etc. That’s why VPNZONE is here to ensure that you’re safe while browsing the web. We aim to protect your identity, privacy and security online.

Fully-featured VPN client

We use cutting-edge technologies to keep your sensitive information private anywhere anytime.

VPN Kill Switch

We make sure that your browsing activity stays anonymous even if your connection gets interrupted for any reason.


Extra-strong Encryption

We use the highest strength encryption to keep your digital identity safe from hackers, ISPs, advertisers and any third-parties.


Zero Logs Policy

We do not monitor or store your Internet logs. Your credentials, e-mails and IP addresses are never connected to your online sessions.


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