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Defend yourself against online tracking and digital intruders with VPNZONE to get the maximum privacy.

It’s all fun and games until your information gets exposed. Most people consider the Internet to be a harmless place. They are unaware of potential dangers that await anyone who shares their sensitive data online. Spying, blackmailing, thefts, extortion, etc.

When it comes to online security, you have to defend yourself not only against monitoring ISPs, government agencies and hackers, but you should also take into consideration more standard techniques of tracking – websites and cookies. The VPNZONE client, together with the Private Mode in your browser, will make an excellent tool to avert threats related to security vulnerabilities.


What Are Cookies?

Many websites show you a cookie consent banner and require you to disable any ad-blocking software. A cookie consent banner is the warning that pops up the first time you visit a website. The website owner must obtain and store cookie consents from the visitors.

What are those cookies? An HTTTP cookie is a small piece of data (typically a text file) sent to your computer by a website you’re visiting. It is then stored by your browser to make your Internet experience more efficient.

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Cookies and VPN

On one hand, it’s really convenient. Cookies have different roles. Some are used to record your login information, so you can store passwords on your favorite sites. Some are essential to keep track of the items you have in your shopping cart. Others are required to improve page load times.

On the other hand, cookies are used to track information about your browsing behavior. Sites are constantly trying to collect more data to deliver ads with increased relevancy. Your language, your operating system, your search queries and your true IP address make an excellent digital footprint, your unique identifier.

To hide your online activity and mask your IP address, you need to enable your VPN application and regularly clear your cookies and cache. This way, the plaintext packets will get encrypted, cookies won’t affect the operation of your VPN software and you’ll be safe from data intruders.

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Get an Anonymous IP Address


Disguise Your True IP Address

When you connect to a VPN, your true IP gets masked and you know that your data is private.


Protect Your Digital Identity

Preserve your personal information from ISPs, advertisers and hackers. What’s yours stay yours with a VPN.


Hide Your Browsing History

Don’t allow third-parties to mine data. Use VPNZONE to hide your IP and regularly remove cookies.

Conceal Your Identity

Surf the Web Anonymously

With a VPN enabled, you get an anonymous IP to cloak any traffic you send or receive online.


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