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VPNZONE is the effortless way to stay protected and get the best online experience. Change your IP and unblock websites, get access to streaming services, evade hackers and monitoring, get the best prices and deals. Get connected in a single click and start browsing.

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What’s an IP address?

We’ve compiled a short explanation of what it is and how it works.

What does “IP address” mean?

This term stands for “Internet Protocol address”. IP addresses are made of numbers or characters. They enable our online devices (computers, smartphones, laptops, printers, etc.) to communicate with each other.

Why do we need IP addresses?

To connect your computer to other devices on your network and worldwide - you need a unique IP address. This way your computer will send packets with data to the IP address of the other end of connection and receive its feedback.

Am I safe with my real IP address?

Unfortunately, you’re not. Everything you do online is tracked. Your IP tells websites where your traffic is coming from. Furthermore, this traffic can easily be stolen and censored by government, ISPs, marketers and snoopers.

Can I Change
My IP Address?

Your IP address is your unique identifier that tells websites where you are and determines whether you are eligible to get access. You might have seen this frustrating message: “Sorry, not available in your region”. That’s called a geo-restriction and it’s working because of the transparency of your IP.

To enjoy the web and get access to restricted websites and resources you need to change your IP to appear to be somewhere else. That is possible with a VPN service. The application hides your true location, makes your connection secure and gives you the best online experience.

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Reasons to Change Your IP Address

There’s a number of reasons to change your IP, we chose 3 most essential for starters.

Protect Your Privacy

Hiding your IP prevents data tracking. Your Internet activity and sensitive information will be protected from anyone when you use VPN.

How to protect your identity

Enjoy the Freedom of the Web

Get around geographical blocks and censorship. With VPNZONE you can maintain your online privacy and enjoy your favorite content worldwide.

How to unblock sites

Get Better Prices

A VPN can really help you find bargains when you’re shopping online. The prices quoted on websites might vary based on your location.

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Change your IP

Use VPN to become anonymous and stop all your worries at once. We offer more than 400 ultra-fast servers across 80+ locations worldwide. Change your IP address to any of these locations to access what you want wherever you are.

Be confident that your activity is not exposed or compromised. Protect your personal details, financial accounts, communication lines with the military-grade encryption.

Fake your IP address and mask yourself online to surf with peace of mind.



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