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Online Security

Protect your sensitive information making your online connection secure with VPNZONE.

Benefits of using our VPN service:

  • Encrypted traffic
  • Protected digital footprints
  • Safe transactions and communications
  • Secured connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots



Why is VPN Encryption important?

VPNZONE’s military-graded encryption is the key to your online security.

Your personal data transmitted during online sessions is an easy prey for anyone with the right tools. Basically, there’s no risk if it’s just a fun website with no registration. But when it comes to more sensitive information like personal accounts, business emails, online banking and shopping – it’s a different case.

That is why using the VPNZONE application is crucial. It protects your data with military-grade AES-256 encryption and sends it through a shielded tunnel to make sure it can’t be exploited by any third-parties. Moreover, we use top-notch security protocols. By default, the application uses the optimal protocol for your network, but you can always change the settings to suit your needs.

How VPN Works

Protect your Security with VPNZONE


Conceal your identity to become anonymous whilst browsing the web. Stay away from blocks, surveillance and cybercriminals.

VPN Kill Switch

Protect all your devices to surf the Internet with freedom. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go – we’ll keep you safe.

Change Your IP

Change your IP to stay hidden and appear from somewhere else. Don’t let anyone track, log and store your online activity.


What Can I Do with a VPN?


Use Public Wi-Fi
Forget the fear of connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots and staying vulnerable. The VPNZONE application will make sure nobody spies on you or steals your data. Your e-mails and passwords, financial transactions and private communication will remain solely yours.


Shop Securely
Even some of the most reputable sites don’t always use the secured authentication protocols. Don’t let your credit card information get stolen and used to make online purchases without your consent. Use VPN to ensure the safety of your online transactions.


Get the Best Deals
Most services vary their prices depending on the location of the user accessing their websites. It’s called price discrimination. To avoid this, activate your VPN and alter your geographic location until you find one with the lowest price of the service or product.


Stay anonymous
Your digital identity is the most valuable thing for advertisers, ISPs, hackers and many others. The standard connection has flaws letting anyone interested collect your private data. With a VPN enabled, it’s encrypted and no one can identify you or what you’re doing.

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