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Online Tracking Protection

To prevent online tracking, your VPN application should always be enabled.

When you want to connect to a website or an online resource, your query is sent to your Internet Service Provider that analyzes it and redirects you to the destination server. Your traffic is usually routed through an ISP’s own server giving your provider the possibility to track, log and aggregate all your information.

This private information can easily be shared or sold to government, third-parties or simply to the highest bidder. To protect your privacy, even if you have nothing to hide, switch your VPNZONE client on before using the Internet. Your IP address will be hidden, and you’ll be able to browse anonymously.

How You Are Tracked Online

Change Your IP

IP Address

Your IP address is your unique identifier. It’s assigned to the device you use and can easily point to your physical location.



Cookies are sent to your device by the visited websites. They are kept by your browser and track your browsing behavior.


Online Accounts

Most online services and social media platforms require you to sign in. That’s the easiest way to track your digital identity.

Prevent Online Tracking

Location Services

Most applications (maps, shopping, etc.) need to verify your location to work properly. This data is always logged and analyzed.

Avoid Being Tracked

Every click you make on the Internet is always tailed. For example, you’ve clicked on a nice-looking hoodie to check it out. And voilà, all kinds of hoodies start to pop up in ads everywhere. That’s because your credentials, online accounts and browsing activity shape your digital identity. Your digital identity is connected to your true IP. And this data gets constantly collected and used for targeted marketing.

You never know who might get access to your personal online profile and what it might include. This information can easily be used against you in the future. For instance, when you’re logged in to your Facebook account and you open a new website with a Facebook “Like” button, Facebook will definitely know that you’ve been there, and your data will get accumulated.

To keep your online activity safe from violations, you need to browse the web in a Private Mode with VPNZONE enabled. First, you get anonymity, because your IP address is masked. Second, your connection is protected with the top-tier encryption, which shields your data. And finally, we don’t keep traffic logs and do not share your information, so your activity is traceless.

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