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Keep your personal information private and untracked in a single click with VPNZONE.



How Does a VPN Protect My Digital Identity?

When you’re casually browsing the web, your IP address gets exposed and your digital identity could be compromised by anyone. That means that your personal information, your financial accounts become a potential target for any unauthorized third-parties.

A VPN software allows you to mask your IP address with a fake one hiding your actual location. The websites and resources that you visit online will see the IP address provided by the VPNZONE based on the server location you chose. This way your Internet privacy is protected, you can surf anonymously and be confident that your information is encrypted and hidden.


A Single Solution to Multiple Problems

Conceal Your Identity

Conceal Your Identity

Using VPNZONE, you can conceal your identity and browse the Internet unidentified. No one can monitor your activity with malicious intent.

Prevent Online Tracking

Prevent Online Tracking

To prevent online tracking, your VPN should always be on. It will encrypt your data to keep your connection safe.

Change Your IP

Change Your IP

The VPNZONE application hides your true location, makes your connection secure and gives you the best online experience.

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Zero Logs Policy

We have a strict policy against the collection and storage of your logs.

We do NOT monitor, store or log your Internet activities. Certain personal data collected automatically (i.e. IP address, connection type, browser type and operating system) is essential for the work of the application and is stored only for the duration of your session in the VPN Service.

This means that VPNZONE never stores or logs these categories of personal data after the end of your session in our VPN Service – such personal data gets automatically deleted after your session ends.

Your personal data like your name and surname, e-mail and IP addresses, is never connected to any of your internet activities during your VPN Service sessions.

Your online experience is completely private.


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