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With VPNZONE you can get better prices and find bargains when you’re shopping online.

It is well known that many online stores and services are manipulating search results and customizing prices based on your geographical location. This practice is known as price discrimination. It is triggered by various attributes – such as user’s platform (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android), browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE), browsing and purchase history, etc.

It is mainly possible due to your IP and cookies. Your IP identifies the country or region you’re in, while website cookies contain information about your browsing activities. However, when you clear your browser cookies and connect to a VPN, you bypass the geographical restrictions and conceal your identity. That gives you the possibility to find the best price.

Top Reasons to Use a VPN

VPNZONE helps you protect your online privacy and avoid the price discrimination.

Secure Shopping and Best Deals

Not all e-commerce sites are secure or offer clear prices. Always switch the VPN client on to protect your financial information and get the best deals.

Military-grade Encryption

We use the top-tier 256-bit encryption to make it impossible to steal your private data or track your activity without the decipher key.

Anonymous IP address

When you enable the VPN software, your true IP gets disguised, ISPs, government agencies or cybercriminals can’t monitor your traffic.

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How Can I Save Money

Displayed prices may vary depending on your geographical location. To find bargains – you need to activate the VPN application and choose VPN servers located in different countries until you find the best price of the product or service. This way you can benefit from sales unavailable in your region or access restricted content. Using VPNZONE, you can save money on:

  • Streaming Services
  • Software Packages
  • Major Sales Events
  • Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals

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