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Secure Shopping

Keep your online transactions and personal information safe with VPNZONE.

New Year’s Eve, Easter, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Prime day deals and other major sales allow you to pay less for the items you want. Usually physical stores are crowded with deal-hunters, that’s why it’s much more convenient to shop online. You don’t have to wait in queues, you are free to choose whatever you want and you can be anywhere.

However, you should always think about your security. Not all shopping sites are secure, so it’s possible to lose much more than you’ll gain. Your financial information is at stake. Your banking account credentials, credit card numbers and personal data might get stolen. The best solution to protect this data is to enable the VPNZONE client before going on a shopping spree.


Online Shopping Threats

Cybercriminals become more and more sophisticated, so you should take into account what kind of threats you might encounter while shopping online. The most common danger is identity theft. When you make online purchases, you give away all your personal information. If your device is infected with a Trojan, this malware can record your logins, passwords and credit card numbers to transmit this data to the owner of the virus.

Another threat you should also consider involves fake shopping sites. They appear to be reliable, but usually they sell counterfeit goods and buy online reviews. If everything seems fine with the products, don’t forget to check for the “httpS” in the URL. If you don’t see this “s” and the browser padlock symbol in the address bar, then this site is not secure. Your details will not get encrypted during the payment process, making it easy for cybercriminals to steal your data.

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Secure Shopping with a VPN

The best way to anonymize and protect your web traffic is to activate the VPNZONE client. Our software will encrypt your data using the military-grade AES-256 encryption to make your traffic unreadable for third-parties. The client will then send it over safe VPN servers in secure packs. This is essential to become untraceable and protect your online shopping sessions.

Besides, the VPNZONE application will use the optimal security protocol by default. In case your needs change, you can easily set up a different one in the settings. In addition, your IP address will be masked to give you an extra layer of protection. You will receive a virtual IP of the location you chose in the client which is not only needed for your online security but is also useful when you want to get the best prices and deals.

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