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Unblock Games

VPNZONE is your best bet to unblock your favorite games and get the best gaming experience.

Restricted Wi-Fi networks are quite common nowadays, because institutions and workplaces consider most online content distracting and reducing productivity. In addition, some countries ban online video games or gaming websites for political, religious or cultural reasons.

VPN will help you overcome the imposed limitations that stop you from playing the games you want. You’ll also be able to play with friends from another country, if your game has country-specific restrictions.


How Are Games Blocked?

There are 2 basic ways to prevent you from accessing the content you want even if you’re using your own device.

The first way is to set up a firewall. The network administrators at school or at work manage the network servers to block “undesirable” content with the help of firewalls. A firewall is a software program that monitors traffic to or from your network and permits or blocks traffic packets based on the adopted rules.

The second way is location-specific ban. Games can get entirely banned because of violence (“Fortnite” is banned in China and Iraq), or due to political censure (“Black Ops” was condemned by Cuba’s state-run media), or for promoting illegal activity and criminal lifestyle (GTA 5’s latest update “Online Casino” is banned in Australia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries), and so on and so forth.

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How to Unblock Games

A VPN service is an essential tool to trick your country’s ban filters.

Once activated, VPNZONE masks your true IP address, providing you with a virtual IP from the server location you connected to. You become anonymous online and the bans stop working – you appear to be in another country. On top of that, your true IP won’t get sniffed out by hackers and your sensitive information won’t be compromised.

The additional advantage is the possibility to choose the location of your connection. Have you ever experienced lags in games? Then you know that “lags” are noticeable delays between the actions of the player and the reaction of the game server, and it might be infuriating. To obtain a satisfying experience in games with a high pace your delay should be as low as possible. When you connect to a server close to the game server, the resulting connection between you and the game server will be more direct and that will significantly reduce lags.

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Unblock Games

Lag Reduction

Connect to a server near the game server to make your response time faster and reduce lags.

Online Security

Access Content

Change your location to avoid country-specific blocks or get access to the new game releases.


Blazing Speeds

Choose any of VPNZONE’s reliable ultra-fast servers, which offer you the best performance.

Privacy Protection

Online Security

Be sure that your traffic is encrypted, and your IP is hidden, so you can game in peace.

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