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VPN Encryption

Our top-tier encryption will protect your personal data by encoding it.

Cybercrimes are very common these days. Various individuals or organizations may use high-end technology tools to monitor your online activity, access to your network and steal your private data. Your credentials, accounts, credit card information, personal photos and videos can easily get exposed and used with malicious intent.

However, you don’t need to worry if you’re using the VPNZONE client. It uses the military-grade 256-bit encryption that is considered to be unbreakable by brute force attacks. This encryption method is based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms that make it impossible to invade your privacy without the decipher key.

Who Wants Your Data?

You need to encrypt your data, so it becomes unreadable, to keep out the undesirables.

Internet Service Providers

ISPs always track and log your online activity. They can easily hand it over to government agencies or simply sell to advertisers.


Hackers and snoopers exploit the weak points of your network connection to access your devices and steal your sensitive data.


Government surveillance agencies and law enforcement officials can restrict any type of content and request logs of your online activity.


Protect Your Data with
Top-Grade Encryption

To protect the confidentiality of your information, the VPN client routes your connection through a shielded virtual tunnel. The data that passes from your computer is encrypted by the VPN software. An unauthorized party won’t be able to see the real information, because they don’t have the key to decrypt it.

To create and maintain this encrypted connection your VPN client needs a set of instructions which are called “protocols”. VPNZONE offers a variety of protocols, you can choose the most fitting for your current needs anytime. By default, the application sets up the most optimal protocol for your network. That means you don’t have to worry about it and it just works from the start.

  • Military Grade AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Variety of VPN Protocols
  • Most Secure Authentication
  • Online Tracking Prevention


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