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VPN Features

All key features and enhancements of a solid and secure VPN are added to our application.

With VPNZONE no technical knowledge is required to protect your sensitive data on any of your devices. The software is easy to use, gets installed with no issues and connects in a single click. Besides being user-friendly, our application uses cutting-edge technologies to encrypt your data, prevent IP leaks and keep your browsing activities anonymous.

Long story short, to enjoy the Internet with no geo-restrictions or monitoring, to steer you away from cybercriminals and advertisers, to keep your digital identity safe wherever you are, keep the VPNZONE client always on.


Your Online Connection
is Secure with VPNZONE

When you launch the VPNZONE application, it creates an encoded tunnel, encrypts your information and no one is able to access this private tunnel. We use the military-grade AES-256 encryption that has been approved by U.S. government for handling top secret information. Your data is unreadable for third-parties, without the decryption key it’s displayed as nonsense.

Surf the web at home or on-the-go and be assured that you’re not monitored, traced or hacked.

  • Strongest 256-bit Encryption
  • Multiple VPN Protocols
  • Online Tracking Prevention
  • Public Wi-Fi Security

More Amazing Features


Lightning-fast Servers

Unlimited high-speed connections to more than 400 servers across 80+ locations around the globe for the best online experience.

VPN Kill Switch

Access to Any Content

Ability to enjoy your favorite websites and music, unblock streaming services and games no matter where you are.

Best Prices and Deals

Secure Online Shopping

Protection of your credentials and financial information during online shopping sessions, and the possibility to get better prices.

Privacy Protection

Network Kill Switch

Prevention of any data leaks if your connection drops to avoid transmitting any unencrypted traffic and keep your activity private.


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