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VPN Kill Switch

To prevent your data from leaking to the web – keep the Kill Switch always enabled.

The key feature of any VPN service is to provide privacy and protect your data. Nonetheless, if your connection drops or gets interrupted, everything you send or receive becomes temporarily exposed. Your Internet access shifts back to your personal IP address and your data is not encrypted anymore.

The VPNZONE software includes a must-have feature called “Kill Switch”. It continuously monitors your connection to the VPN server. If the VPN connection fails for any reason, the Kill Switch will instantly disable your Internet connection to prevent any data leaks.

Top Reasons to Use Kill Switch

This feature will keep your activity private no matter what happens to your connection.

Prevent Data Leaks

If your Internet connection is unstable, Kill Switch will block it when it drops to avoid transmitting your data without encryption.

Download Torrents Safely

With Kill Switch enabled, you shouldn’t worry that your real IP might get exposed making your torrenting activity visible.

Conceal Digital Identity

If you need top-tier privacy protection to keep your commercial or professional secrets, it is crucial to have Kill Switch in your VPN client.

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Who Needs a VPN
Kill Switch Feature

There are certain groups of people who always need a reliable privacy protection. Even short disruption of Internet connection may cause significant problems for them. This concerns journalists and activists who work under an authoritarian regime, individuals working with classified or sensitive information, business owners, torrent users or simply those who want to get absolute online security.

Don’t hesitate, use VPNZONE with Kill Switch to prevent data leaks and shield your online identity.


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