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One VPN to rule them all

Our application keeps your identity safe no matter what device you use: desktop or mobile.

Whether you want to regain access to restricted content, or you’re tired of your provider throttling the Internet connection, or you just want to be protected from cybercriminals at home and on-the-go, there’s one simple solution for all your needs.

VPNZONE has everything you need: strong and reliable 256-bit encryption, user-friendly applications for all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), 400+ ultra-fast servers across 80+ locations worldwide, and much more.

Get VPNZONE for All Your Devices

Windows client

Download the latest Windows client from Microsoft Store.


MacOS client

Download the latest MacOS client from Apple Appstore.


iOS client

Download the latest iOS client from Apple Appstore.


Android client

Download the latest Android App from Google Play store.


Top-Tier Privacy for Everyone

One VPNZONE subscription can secure from 5 to 10 devices simultaneously. You can shield all your gadgets and protect your loved ones. The software is easy to install and simple to use. All your traffic will be encrypted which means that you are anonymous and safe on any of your devices.

VPNZONE doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions or limits, doesn’t maintain server logs, doesn’t block anything. We care about your privacy and comfort. Our service offers you a fast and stable connection no matter where you are. Look no further, secure your online activity once and for all!

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