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Wi-Fi Security

Enable your VPNZONE client and browse online using public Wi-Fi with no worries.

Numerous public Wi-Fi hotspots are set up to make happy clients or customers surf the web in that precise spot. It might seem convenient – as an example, you come to your local coffee shop, order a cup of flat white and sit down to browse the web. You’re relaxed and the last thing you’d expect is someone stealing your sensitive information or reading your private conversations.

That’s because most of the public free hotspots are not secure. They are wide open for network administrators, cybercriminals, government agencies and other bad guys. You become an easy prey whenever you connect to an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot. You must remember that it’s crucial to switch the VPN client on before connecting to unknown Wi-Fi access points.


Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you automatically share all your data with hackers. Each time you need to enter your login credentials, this information is sent via plain text. Having the right tools makes it simple to intercept the transmission and obtain that login information. Same goes to your messages, emails, visited websites.

What’s more, if the free network you’ve connected to lacks proper security, your devices might get damaged. You may not even notice the presence of malware. Malware is any program designed to harm your device and compromise its safety. That means you can get infected with spywares, trojans, computer worms, ransomware, etc.

Defend Yourself

Benefits of Using a VPN

The most essential reason to use VPNZONE is the ability of our software to encrypt the information you share over the Internet. We use the military grade AES-256 encryption that has been approved by the U.S. government for handling top secret information. When your connection is encrypted, the VPN client turns data into white noise that appears random. It’s impossible to capture anything valuable without the decryption key.

It is also important that your online identity is not exposed when your VPN is enabled. You get an anonymous IP, no one can monitor what you do online and track your browsing habits. The traffic will travel over the secure VPN connection, shielded from any snoopers.

Finally, set your mind at rest and enjoy full privacy on any of your devices: mobile phone, laptop, PC. Up to 10 devices per account are protected anytime and anywhere with VPNZONE. All you need to do is click once to turn the application on.

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